Worship the King

The One Year Worship the King Devotional

We were created to have a deep relationship with God. And a foundational part of that relationship is recognizing who he is. We only fulfill our purpose—and our own hearts—to the degree we worship him in genuine love. But how do we get there? How do we develop a perspective that allows us to enjoy his presence and erupt in praise?

The One Year Worship the King Devotional cultivates worship in the heart and mind of a God-follower. Whether you feel distant from him or experience his intimacy daily, his word can take you deeper. You'll be transformed by a growing understanding of what you were made for.

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Tyndale 2010, gift edition with leatherlike cover
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You are a chosen people . . . that you may declare the praises of him who called you. (1 Peter 2:9)

In Word

This is a remarkably encouraging passage of Scripture. It tells us of our chosenness, our royal role in this world, and our inheritance as children of the most high God. We read verses like this and are amazed at the high and holy nature of our calling. We realize that mercy has been lavished upon us and we’re in a privileged place. We are the ultimate rags-to-riches story.

But the amazing story doesn’t end there. God hasn’t just saved us and then written “the end.” There’s more to the plot than that. We are chosen so that we might declare His praises. As verse 9 continues, we have been transferred from a kingdom of darkness to a kingdom of light. We were blind, but now we see. We were hidden and then revealed. We were lost in a dark, murky wilderness, then plucked out of it and placed on streets of gold glimmering under the perpetual radiance of the Son. And according to this verse, there’s a more ultimate purpose to our salvation than ourselves. We are bestowed with the honor of chosenness with the specific purpose of declaring His praises.

If you’ve never seen your worship as the ultimate purpose of your salvation, you’re missing the best part of salvation. The place of glad worship is the place of greatest blessing, of richest fellowship, and of true fulfillment. Salvation isn’t complete until we praise Him for His mercy—daily, passionately, honestly. We were bought with a price for a reason.

In Deed

Many believers get caught up in getting the most out of their salvation. Few move on to giving the most out of their salvation. But those who do will realize one of the many paradoxes of the Kingdom: Giving it all results in getting it all. A heart poured out in praise results in a heart filled with purpose. The way of sacrifice leads to great gain. Losing your life in worship ends with fulfilling your life in God. And that’s exactly the reason for which you were redeemed.

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