The One Year At His Feet Devotional

He's the greatest teacher in history, and billions claim to follow him. But do we really follow him?Are we living the life he offered? Do we let his words shape our lives as deeply as we think we do? 

The One Year At His Feet Devotional explores the words of Jesus—what they mean and how we can apply them to our lives. Over the course of a year, we will sit at his feet, just as his followers did during his time on earth. Each day examines one sentence, one thought, one message that came out of his mouth. And each of those words has the power to dramatically change our lives.

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Tyndale 2006, gift edition with leatherlike cover
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“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

In Word

This is the scandalous claim of Jesus. No one would have complained if He had simply taught about God. No one would have been upset if He had simply presented His take on the Scriptures. But He went much further. He presented Himself. He did not propose simply a way to God, He proposed Himself as the unique entrance into knowing who God is. That is the scandal of the gospel, and that’s what got Jesus crucified by a broad coalition of Jewish leaders, Roman authorities, and a mob mentality.

It’s also a huge stumbling block to nonbelievers. The exclusiveness of Jesus’ claims is good evangelistic material and a necessary part of any gospel presentation, but it contradicts the spirit of our age. People want an adviser, not a Lord. They want a mentor, not a Master. The prevailing mood of our culture is to accept some of the truth of Jesus without accepting His unique claims of divinity. People appreciate Jesus the philosopher but avoid Jesus the King of all creation at all costs. It’s simply too demanding to follow one Lord to the exclusion of all others.

In Deed

Doesn’t this mind-set seep into the Christian’s perspective as well? Most of us know, theologically, to reject such a compromising view of the Savior. But in practice, what do we really think? How many lords do we really have? Most of us could probably identify rivals to Jesus to whom we sometimes bow. A career field? A political perspective? A relationship? A lifestyle? A philosophy? We daily consume information from a variety of sources, many of which tell us another way, another truth, another life. We try to ignore them, but sometimes we accommodate them. We let many sources direct us, when in reality there is only one revelation—Jesus Himself. His claim is exclusive, and we hesitate to narrow ourselves to Him alone. But that’s what He insists on. He’s the only way.

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