365 Pocket Devotions

365 Pocket Devotions
Inspiration and Renewal for Each New Day 

If you put one biblical thought into your mind each morning and carried it with you throughout the day, how would it change your attitude? Your perspective? Your life? These brief reflections will help you orient yourself to God's mind and heart as you prepare to meet the challenges of each day or process them when the day is done. 

365 Pocket Devotions is a collection of adapted readings from earlier devotional works. It fits nicely into busy schedules and compact places—and into your heart and mind.

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Tyndale 2013, gift edition with leatherlike cover
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A reflection on THE IMPOSSIBLE

When there seems to be no answer to my problems

We often limit our vision to what we know to be within the realm of possibility—not as God defines possibility, but as we define it. We forget the truth and need to hear it again: all things are possible with God. Our Bible is full of impossible situations: A nation camped at the edge of a sea with a hostile army behind them. An inexperienced band of fighters faced an impenetrable, walled city. A shepherd boy stood before an armed and angry giant. A worshiper faced a lions’ den. “Dry bones” rotted in a valley. And our only hope of salvation lay in a sealed tomb. Have you reached a dead end? God does not promise to grant us everything on our agenda, but He does promise to meet real needs and to support real ministry in response to real faith. His track record is impressive. Never have His purposes been thwarted by circumstances too demanding. Never has His strength fallen short of the need. This is the promise we have in our Savior: all things are possible with God. 

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God." (Mark 10:27)

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