God With Us

The One Year God With Us Devotional

The early church was an enigma to virtually everyone, even its own members. The new movement continued to make waves across the empire, and no one could figure it out. How did God's new work fulfill ancient scriptures? Where did it fit within Judaism? What was this new creation supposed to look like?

Formerly published as The One Year Wonder of the Cross Devotional, this devotional explores the experiences and testimonies of the early church. The writings of early believers build up our faith as they declare the still-surprising power of God. And as we keep our focus on the kingdom that is in the process of coming, we can experience the wonder of the cross ourselves.

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Tyndale 2009/2014, leatherlike and e-book
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He has fulfilled for us . . . As it is written. (Acts 13:33)

In Word

Fulfillment. Everyone wants it, no one claims to have arrived at it. The desire is written deep within our hearts, and it drives us all our lives. Underlying all the things we do, all the decisions we make, is this craving to be whole—fully satisfied and at peace. We want to be complete.

There’s a significant answer for us in the writings of the early church. Over and over again, the apostles’ letters point to Jesus as the fulfillment of the Scriptures. From Peter’s first sermon on Pentecost to the voices of angels in Revelation, the gospel is described as the ultimate completion of all God had ordained. Jesus rose “according to the Scriptures.” The Kingdom is coming because “it is written” that it would. Nearly every aspect of the new creation is identified with some inscription penned centuries before. Why? Because, as Jesus had once said, “The Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).

What’s the connection between the prophecies of Scripture and our craving for fulfillment? Simply that God has demonstrated Himself trustworthy. If He spoke it, it will happen. That means that when the Bible says that no one can comprehend what God has planned for us, it’s true. When it says that we will be raised into everlasting glory, it’s true. When it says that all things work together for the good of those who love Him, or that we can legitimately rejoice in all things, it’s true. Whatever Scripture has promised you, it cannot be undone. The Word is inviolable.

In Deed

There’s a close connection between the fulfillment of the prophecies about Jesus and the fulfillment of the promises given to you. If God has been reliable in one—and the witness of the apostles is that He most certainly has—then He will be reliable in the other. It’s inconceivable that God would promise His people, both collectively and individually, His fulfillment and then not deliver it. When His Word speaks, it speaks truth. The God who has relentlessly pursued His plan for Israel and the church will relentlessly pursue His plan for you.

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