The Idea-Maker

Most of us have bursts of creativity from time to time. But between the bursts, ideas are hard to come by. How do you get unstuck? Ask him. Seriously, it’s that simple. He’s a wildly creative God, isn’t he? And as the author of all that exists, He’s pretty much a genius at math, science, art, literature, history, and all forms of expression. Doesn’t having a relationship with him mean he shares his thoughts with us? Is it possible to get close to a creative God without experiencing an increase our creativity? I don’t think so. Like they say, we become what we behold.

George Washington Carver used to ask God to show him the mysteries of the peanut, and he ended up with more than 300 ideas that changed the face of southern agriculture. Seems pretty effective to me.

The inner skeptic protests: I’ve asked him for ideas, and nothing happens. But the inner skeptic has little insight and a bad memory. It’s true that you can ask God for creative ideas and experience absolutely no sudden insights or change in energy. But you can usually look back a few days later and see that the breakthroughs came. You don’t know how or even when, but your thoughts are different. And, if you’re like me, you probably just thought they were yours.

They weren’t. At some point, you realize you got what you prayed for. God is a specialist at inspiration—in “breathing into” his people with his own thoughts, feelings, and desires. Asking him for ideas in itself is a pretty bright idea.

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Niyi Morakinyo 11.07.2013 09:41  
Yes No   Well said Chris. Its true. God is good at every good profession or calling. They all started in Him. The book He wrote (the bible) is the earth's best seller. If we allow Him to write, sing, and inspire anyother profession through us we will not only bring solutions (Light) to the problems (darkness) in the world (John 1:4-5), but we will also end up as best sellers. This is what Joseph and Daniel did (solve problems) and were (best sellers) in the earth.  
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Jonathan Hudson 08.07.2013 09:00  
Yes No   When I think creativity, I think problem solving. Many many times I will be struggling to solve a problem when God will put a gentle hand on my shoulder so that I step back to see that my path to solutions was being impeded by...ME! Then, as He moves me out of my way I can see that the solutions to all my problems are found in Him and my surrender to His will.
Thanks for helping me stay focused on Him.
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Chris Tiegreen 08.07.2013 10:05  
Yes No   Good observation, Jonathan. He's great at problem solving too. Even when we're part of the problem.  
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Chris Tiegreen 08.07.2013 08:57  
Yes No   Thanks, Tim. I have to remind myself about this too. Way too often!  
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Tim Walker 08.07.2013 07:18  
Yes No   Thanks for this, Chris. There are all kinds of ideas about boosting creativity, but this is a great reminder to seek out the source of all creativity. Love this!  
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