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Today's Devotional

Take Back the Peace

Fear is a sneaky thief. We spend years worrying about things, even important things, and then look back wishing we had just relaxed and enjoyed the people around us. We weren't even aware of what we were missing. Our worries rob us of energy and time, and it’s an ironic theft. The very people and situations we obsessed about end up being the people and situations we miss out on because of our fear.

Go ahead and project yourself into the future for a moment. Look back at today’s attitudes from that perspective. Will you be glad you stressed about the details of life? Or will you regret missing out on the big picture? If the latter, you might as well choose the big picture now. Opt for peace and contentment. Accept the shalom of God’s kingdom. Reject every hint of fear of tomorrow and notice every blessing today. Rejoice in the Lord always—even now.

We can’t change the past, and we can’t control the future. But God is constantly offering us the present as a golden opportunity to experience him and bless others. Don’t miss the opportunity, even for a moment. Rob the thief and take back the peace God is giving you.

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