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Today's Devotional

Knowing God

I want to know God. You probably do too. And if we’re interested in knowing his goodness, love, and power, all we have to do is look around and give thanks. He’ll open our eyes even to more. But if we want to know him as healer, forgiver, deliverer, and problem-solver, it’s going to cost us something.

Why? Because we really can’t say, “Lord, I want to know you as deliverer—but I don’t ever want to be captive.” Or, “Lord, I want to know your mercy—without ever messing up.” Or, “Lord, I want to experience your healing touch—but I don’t ever want to be sick.” Many of God’s attributes are visible only in the presence of problems. We can’t know them any other way.

That doesn’t mean we should expect him to create problems for us. He is not the author of evil. But he created a world that could and did choose rebellion and brokenness. In that context, we can see who he is in remarkable ways.

So do you really want to know him? Then look for him in the context of adversity, and realize he is giving you unique opportunities to see his otherwise-hidden attributes. You can’t know him—at least not in depth—any other way.

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