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Today's Devotional

The Hard Place of Waiting

“I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.” (Jeremiah 1:12 niv)

There can be a painfully long gap between a promise from God and its fulfillment. In that gap, we can become thoroughly frustrated at how long it’s taking to happen or how many detours we’ve had to take. The place between promise and payoff is hard one. And it can distort our perception of life, God, and ourselves.

This is normal for God. The hard place of waiting is also the fruitful place of faith. This is where faith gets stretched and strengthened, and we can’t get to any land of promise without it. We have to know that even when we don’t see God working, he is—behind the scenes, between the lines, beyond the horizon. He may give us glimpses to keep us going, but for the most part, we have to wait with nothing but trust.

Don’t give up the wait. God watches over his words to fulfill them. He hasn’t forgotten you, changed his mind, or stripped it from you. His words are like seeds planted in the ground. Eventually, they show. And the harvest is wonderful.

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