Summer of Done

summer-hiatusI often encourage writers to take a break, have some down time, and intersperse long seasons of pouring out with seasons of getting filled up. So I’m taking my own advice this summer. I’m taking a break.

It’s long overdue. After writing/editing nearly 70 published book projects and writing more than 3,000 devotionals, it’s time to dial it back a little—temporarily. So in the spirit of high schoolers everywhere—and in sync with the beginning of my son’s summer break—I’m off the blogs until around Labor Day.

For those of you who subscribe to one of my regular emails, here’s what that means:

Main Blog (the one still without a name): This is the last post until the fall, at which time you’ll get an out-of-the-blue email from me some Monday and think, “Oh yeah, there’s that blog again.”

The Better Words Blog for writers: The Wednesday post and the Friday tip of the week will be off next week, then at the beginning of June, I’ll start posting reruns until the fall. So those of you who haven’t subscribed since the beginning (which is most of you) will hardly notice a difference. You’ll still get the weekly post and tip after next week. If you have been a subscriber from the beginning, the posts and tips may seem vaguely redundant. Sorry, but maybe they will fall in the category of “helpful reminder” instead of “pointless repetition.”

Faith.Hope.CoffeeBreak e-devotional: No difference here. Most are already written, and I’ll continue to publish them through September, at which point the cycle will start all over again. So there will be no interruption in the daily readings.

Thanks for subscribing, and have a great summer!

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gina yingling 22.12.2019 09:59  
Yes No   I would like to say Chris Tiegreen's books, e-devotions , and blogs have chaged my life. Thank you and God bless you Chris. God is definitely using Chris in many ways. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to read what he has written.  
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Linda solum 02.10.2019 10:09  
Yes No   It’s the first thing I read every morning. Will even enjoy the repeats.  
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Janet Ann Collins 19.08.2015 16:20  
Yes No   I just want to express my appreciation. I've been listening to the CDs from Mount Hermon and your workshops are great. I get your devotions and writing blog tips and find them inspiring and helpful. Okay, maybe appreciation isn't a strong enough word. Make that admiration. Thanks for all you give.  
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Chris 22.08.2015 12:44  
Yes No   Thanks, Janet. I appreciate the feedback and am glad the emails are helpful. Many blessings to you!  
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Priscilla Sharrow 19.06.2015 14:56  
Yes No   Just me again. I so enjoyed meeting you this year at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference when I took your workshop. Thank you for your teaching and inspiration as I continue to hone my writing skills.  
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Priscilla Sharrow 19.06.2015 14:49  
Yes No   Have a fun and relaxing break, Chris. I do hope that you get a chance to explore nature a bit. My hubby and I just came back from a 6 day RV camping trip to the Olympic National Park. I feel renewed with a new charge of focus and energy for writing my monthly devotional, "Hummingbird Whisperings," for my church newsletter. I so appreciated your tip of the week, The "OneThing" Rule. I am more focused on my message by using your advice. Thanks! rolleyes  
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Chris 20.06.2015 21:49  
Yes No   Thanks, Priscilla. I'm enjoying the break -- glad you got to have one too.  
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Dottie Short 20.05.2015 11:25  
Yes No   Whatever you chose to call it I hope you have a wonderful, restful, peaceful 'break'...I've got my 'Hearing His Voice' devotional so its all good here! And....did you take that beautiful picture?  
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Chris Tiegreen 20.05.2015 12:11  
Yes No   Thanks, Dottie! I wish I'd taken that picture -- I would love to have been on that beach. But no, I got that one from somewhere else. I love it, though.  
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Debbie Millette 18.05.2015 22:40  
Yes No   Enjoy your break. I'll look forward to the blog when it returns. Thanks for all you have poured into it.

I love the photo you chose for this blog! Stunning colors and alignment.
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