Scenes from India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. 

  • Canyon valley, Khandala
    Canyon valley, Khandala
  • at canyon rim
    at canyon rim
  • Khandala, India
    Khandala, India
  • Khandala meeting
    Khandala meeting
  • Bhushi, India
    Bhushi, India
  • cliff dwellers
    cliff dwellers
  • street vendor
    street vendor
  • cricket at the mission
    cricket at the mission
  • Makati city
    Makati city
  • Intramuros district, Manila
    Intramuros district, Manila
  • church in Intramuros
    church in Intramuros
  • Makati at dusk
    Makati at dusk
  • Manila at night
    Manila at night
  • field trip
    field trip
  • girls at church
    girls at church
  • rural Luzon
    rural Luzon
  • rural Luzon 2
    rural Luzon 2
  • rural Luzon 3
    rural Luzon 3
  • Tagaytay park
    Tagaytay park
  • Tagaytay, Philippines
    Tagaytay, Philippines
  • transport to Taal
    transport to Taal
  • Taal volcano
    Taal volcano
  • Taal volcano 2
    Taal volcano 2
  • Malolos wedding
    Malolos wedding
  • Malolos, Philippines
    Malolos, Philippines

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