Hearing God's Voice

It Isn't an Exception; It's a Necessityearstohear

I have a new devotional releasing this month, and it’s on hearing God’s voice. That may sound like an innocuous enough topic, but I’ve been surprised at how controversial it can be. Some Christians are “deeply concerned” when they come across someone who says they get “direct revelation” from God. To the contrary, I’m deeply concerned when Christians say they can’t.

The Bible is clear that God speaks to his people, that his sheep can hear his voice, and that we should seek the gift of prophecy above all other gifts. If someone says you can’t get direct revelation from God, then he or she is flat-out denying scripture. I hate to be so black-and-white about something people genuinely disagree on, but I don't know any other viable way to interpret these things. This is what it says.

Does that mean we can get some new doctrine that rivals or supersedes scripture? Of course not. But if all we have is the ability to read the word and do it, then we’re missing the “relationship” part of a relationship with God. That’s like carrying on a long-distance romance by reading letters. It’s good, but it’s not enough.

In Search of Ears to Hear

If we can’t hear God’s voice, we have no personal guidance in issues things like where to move, which career to choose, who to marry, and many other decisions in life, whether large or small. We get no personal touch with encouragement we need to hear in a particular moment for a particular situation.

General revelation is vital for life in general, but it’s not the only kind of revelation there is. If we depend on it to the exclusion of a personal conversation with God, we're cultivating a relationship with principles rather than a relationship with him.

It’s surprising to me how many ministers talk about being “called” to a specific congregation and then criticize others for saying God speaks to them. Who called them if it wasn’t God? And how is that different than the direct revelation they condemn in others? It seems that in spite of best intentions, quite a few people have mixed ideas on this topic.

So I expect this book to draw an occasional negative comment for being “unbiblical.” Some will probably neglect clear themes in the Bible while pointing out my error. That’s okay. The body of Christ is secure enough to have a few internal disagreements.

But I’m confident that this devotional is solidly biblical and full of helpful advice for anyone learning to hear God’s voice. And I hope it opens lots of ears and brings many closer to him. 

Click to tweet: If we can only read the word and do it, then we’re missing the “relationship” part of a relationship with God.

Click to tweet: The body of Christ is secure enough to have a few internal disagreements.

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Beth 25.07.2020 18:23  
Yes No   I heard a voice like thunder say my name and I thought it was God. A year later, I heard a voice that claimed to be Jesus. The voice started out by saying things that you would expect Jesus to say, but then things got dark and he would say things like I was going to hell. I believe that it was a demon pretending to be God and Jesus. Asking Jesus for help was what saved me.
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Chris 28.07.2020 20:26  
Yes No   Great example of why discernment is so important.  
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Steve Gerke 04.11.2018 08:18  
Yes No   How did you come up with the From the Heart of God sections in your devotional? Thanks. Steve  
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Chris 06.11.2018 11:14  
Yes No   Hi Steve, those sections are usually from a prayer conversation with God -- a combination of meditating on scripture, listening for guidance, sensing his heart, checking those impressions against scripture again, and sometimes checking with others to make sure it resonates with spiritually minded people. Hard to identify a step-by-step, since it's a process, but always involves scripture and prayer.  
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Danny Baker 10.07.2015 08:04  
Yes No   Is this available on in E-form?  
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Chris Tiegreen 10.07.2015 09:32  
Yes No   Hi Danny, there is a Kindle version and a Nook version.

Kindle at http://www.amazon.com/Year-Hearing-Voice-Devotional-Communication-ebook/dp/B00J37O05C/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=8-1&qid=1436535024

Nook at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-one-year-hearing-his-voice-devotional-chris-tiegreen/1119019202?ean=9781496400253
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Debbie Millette 18.09.2014 18:45  
Yes No   I am so excited to find out about this new devotional. My husband and I have been reading your devotionals for a number of years now and find them thought-provoking, inspiring, healing, encouraging, challenging, and more. We are grateful to you for sharing your deep insights that seem to come from your life journey of hearing God's voice. Thank you.  
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Chris Tiegreen 18.09.2014 19:22  
Yes No   That's wonderful, Debbie. I'm so glad you and your husband have been enjoying the devotionals, and I hope you like this one too.  
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Lynda 18.09.2014 02:13  
Yes No   Thank you for righting this! I have had people look at me like I'm crazy when I mention God speaking to me. It's like being married and never being able to mention, "My husband said..." And what married person does not recognize her husband's voice on the phone?" This reminds me of 1 Samuel 3 --once he knew Whose voice it was, his life took on a whole new meaning. That Voice shaped and molded and guided him for the rest of his life.  
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Chris Tiegreen 18.09.2014 19:19  
Yes No   So true, Lynda -- good illustration. That's exactly what it's like.  
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