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The One Year Praying in Faith Devotional

Faith is the currency of God's kingdom. Whatever we receive—salvation, answers to prayer, fruitfulness in our lives—begins there. That's why God gives extravagant promises to those who believe and calls us into conversations with him that are full of faith. We pray and believe, and he faithfullly answers. 

The One Year Praying in Faith Devotional offers daily encouragement in that journey between asking and receiving and between God's promises and their fulfillment. The journey is sometimes winding and long, and it can be disorienting at times. But those who cling to faith receive his goodness again and again. Each day’s reading in this devotional will encourage you, strengthen you, and stir up your faith as you respond to and wait on him.

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Tyndale 2021, paperback
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The Process of Faith

Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see. (Hebrews 11:1)

Abraham spent decades waiting for God’s promise of a son to be fulfilled. In the meantime, he speculated about alternatives (Gen. 15:2-3), wondered if God meant for him to have a son through a servant rather than his wife and then acted on that thought (Gen. 16), and then laughed at the possibility of the promise being literally fulfilled (Gen. 17:17). He never actually gave up faith, and Paul generously wrote much later that Abraham never wavered in it (Rom. 4:20). All the while, he was going through a process any person of faith needs to go through: he was being weaned from the visible and forced to fix his eyes on what is unseen. He was learning to see the spiritual reality behind the scenes.

Abraham may seem like an extraordinary example—he had an extraordinary calling, after all—but learning the dynamics of faith is a normal journey for citizens of God’s kingdom. We are never told to invent another realm and fix our eyes on it; we are given specific promises that force us into a choice. Will we look around us to see if a promise is real or look to the God who is faithful to believe it’s real? Will we stake our faith on visible circumstances or on what God has said? Do we have the courage to exercise “naked faith”—the kind that has absolutely nothing to go on but a word from God? Much of our journey between promise and fulfillment tests our answers to those questions. It’s one thing to say we have faith, another to cling to it when it is tested, stretched, pulled, pushed, and stripped of all external support. The process either purifies our faith or kills it.

That’s God’s design, and we need to embrace it. Abraham was right to ask God questions and consider whether he had actually heard him correctly or not. But once the affirmation came, he had to decide: believe God or believe circumstances. He chose the former, and a nation of faith was born. As people of faith, we follow in those footsteps. Based only on a promise, we choose to believe what we cannot see until belief sees its reward.

Real trust in God is above circumstances and appearances. —George Müller

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