ukraine8aaCHRIS TIEGREEN is the author of more than 60 books and discussion guides, as well as a collaborative/supporting writer on more than a dozen book projects. He has also written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles on a wide variety of topics.

Chris is a seasoned photojournalist, a student of languages, a dabbler in art, an occasional pianist, a rabid-yet-reasonable college football fan, and a zealous traveler. He especially loves beaches and third-world adventures. In addition to writing/photography for periodicals and books, he has been a pastor and a university instructor in global issues. He is currently a Ph.D. student in history and serves at Daystar Atlanta church. He and his family live in Atlanta, Ga.

Most of Chris' focus in writing and speaking is challenging common assumptions that hinder a true relationship with God. He is passionate about authentic spirituality that transforms lives and meaningfully impacts society. One of his highest goals in life is to help people through words and images to re-envision God, themselves, and the world.

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