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Today's e-Devotional

Tears and Joy

Perhaps you thought this was going to be easy—that the journey of life was going to unfold before you and you could simply choose the paths you wanted. By now, you know this isn’t true. You’ve experienced something of the battlefield, and the paths that looked so inviting hid quite a few dangers along the way. Even so, you press on. Why? Because turning back isn’t an option. You can go forward full of heart, or you can go forward having lost it. Either way, you have to go forward.

Psalm 126:5 says those who sow in tears will reap in joy, and it’s true. Sometimes things come easily, but usually they don’t. Almost everything in God’s kingdom will be contested. There will be days when you sow seeds of the kingdom through tears of frustration. But that’s the first half of the promise, isn’t it? Neither those seeds nor those tears are fruitless. Harvests—and joy—are coming.

Remember that on difficult days. Don’t lose heart. This is an inviolable rule of God’s kingdom. The tears of barrenness led to a child of promise; the tears of captivity led to a land of promise; and the tears of the cross led to a kingdom of promise. This is how it works. So what if you’re sowing in difficulty today? The outcome is certain. A reaping of joy is coming, and it will always be well worth the cost of finding it.

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