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Today's e-Devotional

Expect Miracles 

Most of us assume our expectations derive from our experiences—that we have been well trained by the past to know what to expect in the future. But few of us realize how much our expectations shape our experience. We don’t see our thoughts as influencers of reality. We become passive observers of life rather than active builders of it. Instead of faith, we exercise observation skills that accomplish nothing.

God wants us to live with expectation. Forget what past experience has told you. Your faith has been targeted and undermined from an early age, and many of your assumptions are not true. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. You haven’t foreseen the open doors in front of you. You can’t imagine how strongly God works on behalf of those who believe. Expect miracles, and you will certainly see them.

What kind of miracles? Big ones, small ones, hidden ones, audacious ones, all shapes and sizes. You may have to look for many of them, while others will hit you in the face. Whatever they look like, the important thing is to live with expectation and hope—relentlessly, no matter what anyone (including your own inner skeptic) tells you. Those who expect God to come through find that, in one way or another, he inevitably does.

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