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Today's e-Devotional

Getting Unstuck

We were designed to be influencers of our world. We can see that in how our actions affect those around us; the visible, tangible cause-and-effect isn’t hard to notice. But even our thoughts and attitudes—faith, trust, wisdom, peace, and more—can have a profound effect on our circumstances, even when we aren’t aware of it. Our inner environment inevitably shapes our outer environment. Life has a tendency to line up not according to what we want but according to what we expect.

That means a shift in your outward world is usually preceded by a shift in your inward world. Think about an area of your life that feels stuck—some prospect that lingers way too long or some wall that won’t move no matter how many times you beat your head against it. What if you changed your inner attitude toward it? What if you responded not with anxiety or effort but with trust? What if you praised God for whatever he’s doing in it rather than begging him to get you out of it?

Try that. Even if it goes against your instincts. Just as Paul and Silas worshiped in chains, choose to focus on what’s true rather than how things appear. Embrace hope, no matter what. Let God rework your inner environment, and let your outward environment change however he chooses.

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