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January Devotional

The Artist's Display

No artist wants to paint a painting no one sees. No author wants to write a book no one reads. No dancer wants to get on stage for an audience of none. There may be enjoyment in the creative process, but every creator wants to share his or her expression. There’s deep fellowship in the appreciation of work well done.

That’s why God created us, you know. He does marvelously beautiful, intricate work, expressing himself in myriad ways. But why would he want to do that simply for his own appreciation? Expressions of creativity and love are unfulfilled until received by someone. So God created a universe full of beings, many of them made in his own image, in order to share.

Sadly, billions of people go about their daily business without noticing the beauty and depth of his work. It’s as if we’re walking around in the universe’s most magnificent museum unaware of the masterpieces around us. We were created to notice glory, and we focus on trivialities—to-do lists, anxieties, self-promoting goals, and so much more.

Resolve to be a noticer. Enter into a conversation with the Artist about his stunning artistry in the world and the people around you. Study the story of human history with an eye on his brilliant character developments and plots. Ask him questions about his choices and his style. Engage him in his work. This is why he does what he does. Never waste the endless opportunities to appreciate him fully.

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