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Today's Devotional

What Do You Want Him to Do for You?

A roadside beggar named Bartimaeus kept crying out to Jesus, making quite a scene and seeming entirely unashamed about it. He was annoying enough to draw rebukes from the local folks and Jesus’ entourage, but he didn’t stop. So Jesus approached him and asked a probing question. “What do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:46-52).

It’s a fascinating question from the Son of God who saw so penetratingly into other lives. Clearly this blind man, screaming for mercy, wanted healing. He wanted his sight back. Still, Jesus asked. The request had to be articulated. Jesus didn’t answer an unasked question. He insisted that blind Bart actually be specific.

That’s a powerful truth about prayer. It isn’t the only one in this passage; we see Jesus responding to a shameless, relentless appeal, unbothered by the annoyance of it all. We don’t have to worry about bothering him. But when we pray, we do need to be specific, to articulate the answer we’re after. We may not know exactly how or when he’ll answer, but it’s best to know what we’re looking for. He gets more glory out of fulfilling specific desires than general ones.

If you want specific answers from God, ask specific questions. Don’t assume your desire is enough. Express it—in faith, even shamelessly, until he comes. Tell him what you need and thank him for the willingness to give it.

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