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February Devotional

A Hidden Invitation

God is often very vocal, but he also lets us go through seasons of silence. Those seasons can be particularly unnerving when we’ve prayed and heard nothing in response. In our disappointment, we often come to a wrong conclusion—that God’s silence means “no” to our request. We give up and hope our next shot-in-the-dark prayer will be answered.

God knows how to say no when he wants to. Almost always, his silence means something altogether different: “come closer.” He uses silences to draw us further into conversation, not turn us away from it. He wants those moments to linger and deepen the relationship. That’s a big part of what prayer is about in the first place.

Whatever requests you’ve laid before God, don’t take his silence as a “no” if he hasn’t answered yet. Take it as an invitation. Press further in. Ask more questions. Let him change your perspective if he wants. The interaction between request and answer is overflowing with purpose. Take advantage of it and draw closer to him.

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