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Today's e-Devotional

Possessed by Faith

“I do not want merely to possess faith. I want a faith that possesses me,” said Charles Kingsley. Whatever one thinks of the old priest and professor’s particular beliefs, we can agree on this point. We want a faith that is not just a compartment of life but its very substance. We long to be part of something much bigger than ourselves.

We were designed with that longing, which is why no society has ever been able to suppress humanity’s thirst for the transcendent. And there’s no reason to shy away from it. Because we were made this way, we can be fully confident that God wants us to pray big prayers, dream big dreams, and live in power that comes from beyond ourselves.

This is why the gospel, when we really understand it, is so appealing. In dying with Christ, we step into a life of resurrection, of supernatural influence, of all the meaning and purpose we ever longed for. We live in a realm that was once beyond us.

Much of the world is afraid to embrace that possibility and will even suppress it. It seems too audacious. But God’s wants us to step into it more fully—to run into the adventure of something so big, so glorious, so rooted in a greater reality that it defines us, possesses us, and overwhelms us with joy.

Dream dreams, see visions, pray fearlessly, open your eyes to God’s big picture. Daily, hourly step out of the shadows and into a world of ultimate meaning, power, and love. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your own limitations and then live beyond them. Ask to experience resurrection power—in all its glory—in every area of life.

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