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Today's e-Devotional

Mission Impossible


“The scripture cannot be broken.” (John 10:35 niv)

Jesus spoke these words while making another point, but this brief phrase revealed high regard for the Hebrew Bible. He did not consider scripture to be just a collection of writings that expressed human ideas and perspectives. They were not fallible documents. The promises in them were unbreakable words because they had been given by God—through human agents, to be sure, and with lots of humanity showing through, but inspired by him. They were reliable.

Apostolic writers would refer often to Jesus as the fulfillment of these unbreakable words—for example, in 2 Corinthians 1:20, where all God’s promises are “yes” in him. In sending the prophets, God revealed his purposes; and in sending Jesus, he fulfilled them. All that is left for us is to speak the “amen” to what God has said and receive it for ourselves.

That means we don’t have to qualify for any of God’s promises with any sort of spiritual gymnastics, prove our piety by impressing him or anyone else, or plead with him to indulge us. We simply forsake all self-effort and point to Jesus as the one who qualifies on our behalf, saying “amen” to what God has spoken. Jesus inherits it, and we receive it. That’s a really good deal.

In a world of shifting ideas and contentious claims of truth, cling to that. There is literally nothing standing between you and the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life except your “yes.” Whatever he has spoken is yours by virtue of your position in Christ. Gratefully affirm the privilege and take full advantage of it. The Word in the flesh, the heir of all its blessings, lives within you.

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