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Ephesus to Athens

Today's e-Devotional

Drama in the Mind 

The human brain is wired to play out scenarios. We’re designed that way for a reason—to partner with God in envisioning the future and stepping into it to fulfill his purposes. But we take that capacity for vision and use it to stage all sorts of other dramas inside us. We are directors of endless scenes.

Think about how easy it is to turn a hint of something negative into a possibility and then a likelihood and then a certainty. Such assumptions, whether of fears of danger or judgments against others, color our relationships and decisions, even when they aren’t true. Instead of exploits of faith, we envision “what ifs” and “why nots” that bring out the worst in us. We become victims of internal dramas that pull our minds away from truth and love.

If you’re going to play scenes in your head—and you will because you’re human—make sure they are good scenes. Fill them with faith and expectation. Envision great exploits of hope and love. Partner with God to write a true, fulfilling, kingdom-honoring drama. Then play the part well. Become the role you envision. 

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