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Today's e-Devotional

The Climate of the Kingdom

Shalom is the climate of God’s kingdom. We translate shalom as “peace,” but it’s so much more than that—wholeness, fullness, abundance, that sense that all is well. It’s freedom from conflict, contentiousness, criticism, cynicism, angst, regret, and all other unsettling attitudes. People who thrive on such things are not experiencing God’s kingdom, even if they are citizens of it. The kingdom comes to those who seek God’s fullness, both for themselves and others.

If that’s you—if you are a true peacemaker in this world who, in the spirit of the Prince of Shalom, cultivates wholeness, harmony, and abundance—you will be blessed, happy, and called a child of God. That’s what Jesus said in the Beatitudes, and it’s true. Shalom-makers are blessed to partner with God to transform lives and advance the kingdom culture.

If there’s anything in your life that does not reflect the shalom of the kingdom, do what you can to overcome it. It may not always be up to you, but make it your mission to take the climate of the kingdom wherever you can. Cultivate it within you, and let it work its way outward. Live as though heaven is in your heart. And those around you will get a taste of heaven on earth.

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