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Ephesus to Athens

Come with me to Ephesus ... 

. . . and Philippi, Corinth, Athens, and several other cities along the path of Paul's second missionary journey in Acts.

This fall (Oct. 4-13), I have the pleasure of co-leading a trip with Mark Schaaf to Asia Minor, Macedonia, and Greece. We'll talk a lot about the original context of the churches in these cities and Paul's letters to them, and we'll grow in our understanding of the challenges and issues early Christians faced. Most of all, we'll have a wonderful time seeing some beautiful sites, enjoying fantastic accommodations and meals, and having great conversations.

The specific itinerary will look something like this: Ephesus1

Asia Minor: Ephesus, Miletus, Smyrna, Bergama, Assos, Troas
Macedonia: Neapolis, Philippi, Thessalonica
Greece: Athens, Corinth, Cenchrea

You can find more details about the itinerary, the beautiful accommodations, the cost of the trip, and more at Just click on the Oct 4-13 trip 'Ephesus to Athens' for all the information. Or, to go directly to a flip-book about the trip here.

I hope you'll consider joining me in October for this exciting journey in the footsteps of Paul!

– Chris

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